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Liberty Goodswen – Felted Gifts

I come from a family of painters and illustrators and growing up I was surrounded by brushes, inks, fabrics and wonderful books of make-believe. Initially I followed a different path as a classical singer but a sojourn to Italy (which lasted 13 years) the arrival of children and the gift of a needle felting book from my sister led me to a medium where I can at last create the animals that echo my imagination.I find the felting process  liberating as it allows me to bring an extra dimension being part picture part sculpture.
English heritage and traditions, of which Somerset is delightfully rich, lie at the heart of everything I do. Bungereye , my signature hare and studio companion is named after a local character with many a tale to tell! I use many local materials: collecting wool from local farmers, particularly those who keep rare and British breeds : as they have such diverse shades and textures which are perfect for recreating the natural tones in my dog portraits and capturing the weathered fur of field and forest creatures. My studio is on the Levels near Langport and I sell my work all over the World. I welcome commissions for pet portraits and custom designs and hold felting workshops for all.