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Fiona Lindsay – Silk Painting (Wax Resist)

I start with a piece of pure white silk and use colour layering with wax resist to build up the patterns for my silk painting. I love playing with colour combinations and enjoy the fun of painting with large brushes for the wax effect. What fascinates me about painting on silk is the way that the ink can almost have a life of its own, which results in every piece being totally unique, even when painting pieces using the same colours!

Once completed, the wax is removed, and the silk is steamed, individually wrapped for 4 hours, to fix the spirit-based ink. Excess colour and wax is then washed out and the scarves are ready to wear. They are colour-fast and washable by hand – enjoy!

I am very happy to paint a scarf in a design and colours chosen by you!

Contact: fiona13@talktalk.net

01458 899963