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If you’d like to display and sell your work at Somerset Crafts it’s necessary to become a member.

If we have the available space, new members are very welcome, however certain criteria must be met to become a member of Somerset Crafts. The main criteria is that you must live and produce your own original work in Somerset and be prepared to steward once or preferably twice a month. Communication between members is frequently by email so a working email account is essential.

On this page you’ll find a copy of the wording of Somerset Crafts Constitution. This explains how we operate and the criteria for membership. If you’d like to apply for membership please email: and we’ll send an application form to you. Alternatively you can pick up a blank form from Somerset Crafts.


Club name: The club will be known as Somerset Crafts, run by the members for the members and will be based at The Avalon Marshes Centre, Westhay. BA6 9TT.

The aims and objectives: To promote the Crafts and Craft makers of Somerset in a mutually supportive and respectful environment for the benefit of members. To exhibit handmade arts and crafts of high quality produced in Somerset.

The club will be non-profit making. All funds will be used to cover overheads and promote the club and its members.

Membership: There are two levels of membership:

1/14 Membership: 1 day of gallery duty per 14 days 25% commission on sales* £80 Joining fee (non-refundable) No additional Annual fee.

1/28 Membership: 1 day of gallery duty per 28 days 25% commission on sales* £80 Joining fee (non-refundable) Plus £150 Annual fee (3 months paid in advance with monthly instalments thereafter)

*20% of sales go to Natural England (our landlords) and 5% goes to Somerset Crafts.

All members are welcome to attend regular management meetings with voting rights on the running of the gallery which includes decisions on new members.

All members are encouraged to participate in demonstration days and other events which help raise the profile of the gallery.

Existing members wishing to change membership level pay no joining fee just the annual fee if applicable.

If existing members wish to sell work which is significantly different to the craft/art for which they were originally accepted they must submit their new work to the members for acceptance.

Terminating membership: Three months’ notice must be given to prevent a shortfall in gallery cover and to allow the vacancy to be filled.

If a member is unable to fulfil their gallery duties for more than three months the club reserves the right to remove said member’s work until either the member resumes duties or hands in their notice. All efforts will be made to support any member struggling to fulfil their duties and the club will be as flexible as is practically possible.

New member applications: Each applicant’s work must be submitted for viewing by a majority of existing members prior to acceptance to maintain our high professional standard. Duplication of craft/style is undesirable. If the applicant’s work is deemed acceptable but Somerset Crafts is fully subscribed in that particular craft or the style is too similar to the work of an existing member the details of the applicant will be kept on record should the situation change.

Complaints procedures: Thankfully complaints by group members, or members of the public are rare but a committee of five members will come together as needed. Members should avoid direct conflict wherever possible and seek assistance from the committee. Complaints to be made in writing to the Issues Committee via the Chair. Rude, aggressive or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated, and action will be taken. Committee to consist of Chair, Treasurer, and three other members.

Data protection policy: Members must comply with current data protection policy. IT policy: Members must comply with current IT policy. Insurance requirements: Each member to be covered for public liability up to £5,000,000. It is at members discretion if they wish to insure their work against for instance theft or damage.

Necessary official positions: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer .

AGM: The club AGM will be held annually with 2 months’ notice given. From this notice if a member wishes to stand for any of the official positions or if a member wishes to stand down from their current official position they have until 1 month before the AGM to notify the club of their intentions.

An EGM can be called by resolution of the member