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Misha Seelhof jewellery collection

Originally from Los Angeles, California, I’m a fairly new resident of Somerset although I’ve lived most my adult life in the UK.

I’m obsessed with colour, and aim to create pieces that celebrate the many ways it occurs in nature; flowers, plants, geology, and sunset skies, these are all inspiration for me. I paint freely on aluminium which has been anodised. Anodising “opens” the surface of the metal on a microscopic level, allowing the inks and dyes to become locked in to the surface once sealed with heat after painting is complete. After painting, I carefully consider the artwork to decide which areas will become earrings, cuff bracelets, etc.

Each piece is a unique and wearable piece of abstract art!

Tel: 07983 876411

Misha Seelhof Jewellery Collection


Misha Seelhof Earrings


Misha Seelhof Earrings


Misha Seelhof Jewellery


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