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Having worked for some years on a Somerset cheese making farm whilst also writing and illustrating children’s books I did get a feeling for the working life of the countryside.

Using this experience, in 1984 I first opened my studio gallery to the public, before eventually retiring from the business side of art in 2011. My work has been used by a number of national companies, recording their heritage buildings or to illustrate their rural connections. Calendars and cards of my paintings were published for many years and prints are still purchased by collectors worldwide.


Michael Cooper Watercolour Threshing Time

Michael Cooper ‘Threshing-Time’

Michael Cooper Watercolour Painting Entitled The Old Wagon

Michael Cooper ‘The Old Wagon’

Michael Cooper Watercolour Entitled 'Stable Mates'

Michael Cooper ‘Stable Mates’

Michael Cooper Watercolour Entitled 'Standard Fordson'

Michael Cooper ‘Standard Fordson’

Michael Cooper Watercolour Entitled'Workmates 1'

Michael Cooper ‘Workmates 1’

Michael Cooper Watercolour Entitled'Beef Stock'

Michael Cooper ‘Beef Stock’

Michael Cooper Watercolour 'The Cockerel'

Michael Cooper ‘The Cockerel’

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