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I started stone carving around 2000, after a career in shoe production, based mainly in South East Asia and China. My larger sculptures, mostly a combination of stone and glass, include the new war memorial in Street. I now do few large pieces, (stone carving is heavy physical labour ) and concentrate on small items and carved lettering made from quarry offcuts of local Blue Lias, Portland stone and slate.

When it’s too cold or wet to be working on stone outside, I have reverted to working with leather, relearning as handmade craft all the industrial skills I knew in the factories.

Tel: 01278 723317

John Candler Tooled Leather Box With Birds

Leather Box

John Candler Leather Boxes

Leather Boxes

John Candler Tooled Leather 3 Mens Morris Board Game

3 Men’s Morris

John Candler Tooled Leather Bag

Leather Bag

Blue Lias Setts

Blue Lias Stone Carved Lettering X By John Candler

Blue Lias Sett ‘X’

Hand-carved House Signs

Man At Arms

‘Man at Arms’

John Candler Stone Carving Bird


Blue Lias Games

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