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I have been living in Street since 2014 and joined Somerset Crafts shortly after moving to the area.

For my silk painting I start with a piece of pure white silk and use colour layering, sometimes with wax, to build up the pattern for the scarf. I love playing with colour combinations and enjoy the fun of painting with large brushes and using a hairdrier to control the dye. What fascinates me about painting on silk is the way that the dye can almost have a life of its own, which results in every piece being totally unique, even when painting pieces using the same colours!
Once completed, the silk is steamed to fix the colours, then washed and it is ready to wear. They are colour-fast and washable by hand.

The felted bags also have an element of the unknown! I knit them in combinations of pure wool and acrylic yarns and them wash them in a very hot machine-wash. They shrink (like your favourite jumper) and only then can we see what the result will be – always a lot smaller than what went in!

I am very happy to accept commissions for any of my work; please feel free to contact me by phone or email, details below.

Tel: 01458 899963

Fiona Linsey Silk Painting

Silk Scarves

Fiona Linsey Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf

Fiona Linsey Scarves

Silk Scarves

Fiona Linsey Pink Felt Bag

Pink Bag

Fiona Linsey Purple Felt Bag

Purple Bag

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