Mosaic Courses with Kate Rattray at Somerset Crafts

Mosaic Course with Kate Rattray
Mosaic Course with Kate Rattray

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Introduction to Mosaics/Further Adventures in Mosaic
Saturday 16th April
10.30am − 5.00pm

Indoor and Outdoor Mosaic (2 dimensional)
Friday 29th and/or Saturday 30th April
10.30am − 5.00pm

Mosaic Mix Course

Saturday 7th May
10.30am − 5.00pm

Outdoor Mosaic Panel/Paving Stone Course
Saturday 28th and/or Sunday 29th May
10.30am − 5.00pm

Fun with Mosaic Sculpture
Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June
10.30am − 5.00pm

Fee: £75 a day.
All courses include all materials for your projects, refreshments, a light lunch and an e-book of course notes. Unless otherwise stated we use glass and ceramic mosaic tiles for all projects in a wide range of colours and tones.

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